About us

3S steel system style is an industrial reality situated in the province of Vicenza.
We’re strategically located in an industrial and craft zone of the territory.

Planning, developing, building steel structures and image elements are key components of our business.

Our mission is to provide the best service to our customers.
3S STEEL SYSTEM STYLE with its experience and knowledge guarantees complete management for each project.


Our best service? It’s to guarantee the result!

Our aim is to work with innovation and promptness, following all the development steps.

In addition, we provide many services required to finish commissions such as:

  • Yard survey
  • Advertising practices
  • Calculations regarding size and structure
  • Development and execution of projects
  • Production of the structure including all protective treatments and finishings (if required)
  • Transport and delivery to final destination
  • Assembly on premises

3S Catalog

Feasibility studies

Our staff is skilled and is able to meet the customer requirements, from the loft building, garage, carwash box, show room to the restaurant etc..

We fulfill the various needs, from the modern to the classic design, from the high range particular to cheaper solutions, from sound absorption till to keep the internal temperature.

We give our suggestion in conformity with the customer request and the projects are displayed with three-dimensional and rendering view.

Thanks to our designers’ ability all your dreams come true...

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